Infrastracture for decentralized gaming applications
with random number generation.
Support thounsands of Commercial Scale dApps thanks to 10000 TPS (transactions-per-second) scalability experience.
The solved problem of RNG (random number generation) fully inside the blockchain network.
Safety of funds, transactions and personal data.
Extremely Fast
For developers
Lucky Block is a free, open-source blockchain software protocol that provides developers and entrepreneurs with a platform on which to build, deploy and run high-performing blockchain applications. These open source applications are closely modelled following the Bitcoin trading apaplications like Bitcoin Billionaire. Bitcoin Billionaire autonomously trades Bitcoins for you and some of them have become millionaires with the help of this tool. You can register and open an account to avail the services of bitcoin billionaire app 2021 here.

Infrastructure for decentralized
gaming applications built
on random numbers.

3 quarter

Idea & Strategy
1 quarter

First game MVP, Blockchain & RNG concepts, Whitepaper v1.0.0
3 quarter

Team hiring. Different lottery games have been deployed at Ethereum Blockchain
1 quarter

Token Pre-Sale & start of the Token Sale
2 quarter

Crypto exchanges listings. Marketing campaign. 5 decentralized games
2 quarter

Blockchain Testnet. 50 decentralized games
4 quarter

4 quarter
Blockchain Mainnet

1 quarter

Massive B2B & B2C customers aquisition
LBN Token distribution
For now LBN Token is available on P2PB2B and Alterdice Exchanges. More exchanges coming soon. Stay updated.
An acquisition of the Tokens involves a high degree of risk. User should carefully consider the Terms & Conditions risk section before he decides to buy the Tokens. If any of the following risks actually occurs, Company Parties' business, the Platform, the value of the Tokens could be materially adversely affected.

LBN (ERC-20)
Emission: 99 990 000 LBN
Holders: 11 220
Partnership with crypto exchanges
Lucky Block team is always open for new success trading experiences and targeting to the best regional and global markets of cryptocurrencies trading. Having a broad community & token holders base we are ready to join new markets and mix audience with our partners' communities. Learn how to create an account with the best bitcoin brokers within a few minutes here. Bitcoin can be bought in the respective cryptocurrency exchange of your country through a regulated broker.
We are interested in partners with serious win-win approach to growth marketing. We both should follow these rules & principles to become partners:

1) Detailed plan of each other promotion and new community members attraction

2) Flexible custom approach for promotion campaigns without low-efficiency standard patterns

3) There are no any need in volumes without real customer base and trading operations growth

4) Community voting based listings are more valuable than paid ones.

5) KPIs & plans understanding are required instead of discussing listing process as end in itself.