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Anything you've even dreamed about is possible to realise now with Lucky Block Network technologies
In addition to the games production Lucky Block also tends to be an integration-ready platform for third-party developers who share our principles of decentralized fully transparent and fair process of gameplay & payouts models based on blockchain & smart-contracts.
Any community member or industry professional with strong skills of blockchain and/or front-end development could suggest and list his application at Lucky Block platform if ready to meet the following conditions:

1. All the gameplay participation, winner(s) selection, transactions & payouts processing code must be located and executed in one of following the blockchain networks using smart-contract technology in fully automated mode without any middlemen regulating the process:

1.1. Ethereum
1.2. TRON
1.3. EOS

2. If it is impossible to fully automate the role of an intermediary (e.g. in real-life event-based betting mechanics), you should offer and automated interaction with at least 10 highly trusted sources of information with ban algorithms for one to three of these sources, if their information differs significantly from other highly trusted sources.

3. It is unacceptable to design functions for changing the logic of a smart contract, the size of commissions, game mechanics, address profit, etc., even for the owner of the smart contact after production launch of your application and listing at Lucky Block platform.

4. At least 5% of prize pool should be transferred to the address of the Lucky Block Super Jackpot Lottery - 0xbe2d9c289038d32c3d82bd99f464b48bf4696e52

5. At least 50% of prize pool should be transferred to winner(s)

6. Total commission pool should not exceed 45% of total prize pool wherein:

6.1. 30% of total commission pool should be transferred to Lucky Block commission collection address - 0x974655285b84a7042513b99714e3907991ab7aab

6.2. 70% is intended for the origin developer of the game.

7. Front-end part is used only for simplifying customer interaction with the game, getting information about the progress & game results and marketing promotion activities. Usage of front-end part for main gameplay calculations instead of blockchain processing is not permitted.

8. It is highly recommended to use Metamask to simplify the interaction of the front-end part with the blockchain network.

9. Applied technologies for front-end development should be compatible with React 17.0.0+.

For your proposals, please fill this form or send an email to [email protected].
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